1. Another view of my new design… including filter ;)

  2. I present my Diva, Ducati 848 Evo from 2011, in it’s new clothing! I am so excited :D

  3. Today I’ll get back my 848 Evo from repair and paintjob after my lowsider… so lets take a trip down memory lane to remember how my baby looked the day I got her back in 2011 :)

  4. We reached 300 likes on our FACEBOOK PAGE - to celebrate this small milestone here is an exclusive sneak peek of the new paintjob my Ducati 848 Evo got this week… more coming soon, stay tuned :)

  5. Hyper Hyper!!

  6. Which one would you rather take for a ride…?

  7. Who wants to take it for a ride? And where would you go with it?

  8. motocorsa:

    748RS upon it’s pedestal at MotoCorsa  

  9. FLAMES!! Decided to do a short GIF of my best viewed Video on Youtube :)

  10. Well that kid got some ninja skills…!

    (Source: donwhitetigertales, via momiyamass)

  11. Superleggera fits this nice lady really well :)

  12. Still some work to be done on my 848 Evo, fairing is now receiving airbrush and all will be hopefully finished coming week… can’t wait to get back on it!

  13. Well, nothing more to add… ;)

  15. rhubarbes:

    Ducati 749 by Apogee Motorworks.

    (via Ducati 749 by Apogee Motorworks — Silodrome)