1. Well shit, this years season just came to an unexpected halt for me due to sudden crash :(

  2. What a stunning beauty…!

  3. The newest addition to our family… give him a warm welcome :)

  4. We had a terrific week in Italy…!

  5. Truly radical…!

  6. Celebrate with us - DUCATI MOTORBIKES turned 1 today!

    (Source: assets)

  7. The true “Monster” Ducati ;-)

  8. We enjoy this MARTINI design very much. It sure fits the Ducati 1199 Panigale!

  9. The one and only STEALTHFIGHTER custom bike…!

  10. New subframe, new tank, lets see what this baby can do!

  11. Take another fast ride with my girlfriend Vivian and her brutal Streetfighter :P

  12. We kind of like her, despite her swingarm… ;)

  13. Got the fitting cake for my 30th birthday… :)

  14. Beauty itself lies in perfection…!

  15. Is this the upcoming Ducati 899 Panigale? How would you like it?