1. A true masterpiece!

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  2. Those eyes… <3 <3

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  3. Oh yeah…!

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  4. Nice classic :)

  5. Enjoy the weekend… :)

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  7. What an incredible airbrush!

  8. Twins <3 <3

  9. A “Kraftwerk” beauty…!

  10. Another view of my new design… including filter ;)

  11. I present my Diva, Ducati 848 Evo from 2011, in it’s new clothing! I am so excited :D

  12. Today I’ll get back my 848 Evo from repair and paintjob after my lowsider… so lets take a trip down memory lane to remember how my baby looked the day I got her back in 2011 :)

  13. We reached 300 likes on our FACEBOOK PAGE - to celebrate this small milestone here is an exclusive sneak peek of the new paintjob my Ducati 848 Evo got this week… more coming soon, stay tuned :)

  14. Hyper Hyper!!

  15. Which one would you rather take for a ride…?